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These are essential nutrirnts

Protein : These nutrients are made up of amino acids , which carry out various bodily functions properly . Pregnant women and lactating women need more protein . Due to protein , proper physical development of babies and children takes place . In adolescents and adults , the damage to cells in the body is replenished through proteins .
   Sourcemilk  and its products contain protein . Soybeans , lentils , egg ,and meat are also good sources of protein . Pregnant women and children of growing age should pay special  attention to protein .
  Carbohydrates : This is a major nutrient that the body provides energy .
  Source : Carbohydrates are found in sufficient quantity in Wheat , Rice , Maize and various types of cereals .


Vitamin A : This vitamin is essential for the proper functioning of the eyes . Deficiency of this vitamin causes a disease called night blindness vitamin A protects against infectious diseases and also provides nourishment to the skin .

Source: It is abundant in milk and products made from it , such as Curd , Whey , Green leafy vegetables . It is also found in sufficient quantity in yellow and orange and vegetables .

    Vitamin B : There are many types of this vitamin . This vitamin is mainly used in the smooth functioning of the nervous system of the body helps.


     Sources : Occurs in fruits , Vegetables and Dry Fruits .

      Vitamin C : This vitamin helps in strengthening the body’s immune system . Deficiency of vitamin C leads to scurvy  , due to which problems related to gums arise .


      Sources : Citrus fruit such as Amla , Orange , Lemon etc are found in abundance . It is also found in sprouted gram or grains .

Vitamin D : vitamin D is essential for bone health in addition to boosting the body’s immune system .


Sources : Found mainly in the rays of the sun . Iron or iron

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